John 4:35

Say not ye. There are yet four months. and  then cometh harvest?

behold. I say unto you. Lift up your eyes. and look on the fields:

for they are white already to harvest.


                                                      Missionaries                                                       Country


Pat & June Creed                                                  Caribbean  Representative BIMI

Chandrashekar & Irene Eda                                India

Angela Harper                                                        Working with missionary kids BIMI    

Joy Hunt                                                                 Rio De Janeiro/Brazil

Donald & Karen Kilmer                                        Republic of South Africa

Ronald & Frances Maggard                                Cuba/Haiti/Guatemala/Florida USA

Troy & Oksana Manning                                      Bibles International (Bible translation)

Joel & Jennifer McLeod                                     C.E.F Cumberland County

Sid & Susie Messer                                             Equador

Roger & Myrna Napper                                       USA/Prison ministries

Bill & Teresa Pfaunmiler                                     Spanish speaking people/Lancster Pa.

Kenvin & Lisa Raub                                             Military/Stateside USA

Tom & Addie Rooney                                           Gainsborough England

David & Taia Ruley                                               Rwanda

 Lionel & Beradette Smith                                    Republic of Ireand

Dennis & Mary Snelson                                        Scotland

Gerald & Mary Sutek                                            Philippines